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The Inner Dependence retreat is a sacred celebration of your unique and beautiful self. You are invited to join your sacred soul sisters for this expansive, nourishing and deeply transformative women's retreat.  

Inner Dependence is cultivated when we look deeper at our mind, body, heart and soul- recognizing that all our forms and emotions are sacred expressions of the divine. When we learn to accept, appreciate and unconditionally love all layers of the self, we interact with the world through an open heart. We cultivate meaningful connections that are rich in intimacy, while still remaining independent, self-sufficient and sovereign. 

Instead of searching for answers, security and validation outside of us, we source them from within. We radiate with unshakable self-worth, becoming a magnet to relationships, situations, and realities where we’re loved, accepted, honored and supported for all we truly are. 

Within this retreat, we are planting seeds and cultivating dependence from within - not to create hyper-independence in our lives, or build “boundaries” that are really impenetrable walls of self-protection - but to remember the truth of who we are. 

We already have everything we need within - it's simply a process of coming home to ourselves.


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This retreat is a lovingly curated experience to facilitate the deepest reconnection and rebirthing on a mind, body, spirit level. 

Using various modalities such as breathwork, somatic work, sacred ceremony, shamanic and tantric practices, you’ll be guided through a process of coming into inner union so you can engage with all aspects of your life - including your personal relationships - from a place of complete sovereignty, freedom and empowerment. 

You will be held in a highly intentional, unconditionally loving bubble of feminine energy, on a spiritually potent vortex of New Earth energy that is present at Whale National Park - both of which will amplify your intentions and accelerate your healing process.


Some themes we will be exploring are:


  • Healing and opening your heart to forgive the past, release codependency and unhealthy relationship templates or traumas that you have inherited from your ancestral line or your childhood

  • Learning the art of balancing healthy codependency with independence - cultivating strong, loving boundaries while still remaining open-hearted - self sourcing your love, security and inner wisdom as a fully sovereign being, while still learning to soften, receive and weave with others in interconnection

  • Healing the relationship to your body so you can experience more joy, pleasure and desire to inhabit your body and this Earth in your waking, everyday life

  • Unearthing your own unique magic and your intuition - awakening your inner medicine woman through shamanic, Earth-based elemental practices and sacred ceremony 

  • Releasing the shackles of conditioning and expectation, and rewilding yourself as the confident, radiant Goddess who is filled with self love, respect and reverence for all aspects of herself 

  • Completely rebirthing yourself and recalibrating to a higher timeline and reality filled with joy, pleasure, expansion, abundance, empowerment and love


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  • 5 nights Accomodation

  • Plant-Based Nourishment

  • Private Charter plane to and from retreat center

  • Expansive Workshops

  • Sacred Ceremonies

  • Integration and Reflection Time

  • Excursions to experience more of Costa Rica

  • 3 Post-Retreat Integration & Connection Support Zoom Calls

  • and more!

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“After this retreat, I feel a deep sense of clarity, soul nourishment, and profound connection to the land and my sisters. This feeling and these memories are irreplaceable. My favorite part has been the feeling that has emerged while saturated in this sweet, yummy soup of sisterhood. I feel deeply seen, open, loved, nourished, and confident after this week. We transcended time with all our walls down. I am beyond grateful to experience this level of connection to myself and this sisterhood.”


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Chelsea holds the soul mission to connect humans with their highest self, heart-centered community and nature. She is a talented medicine woman, embodiment coach, intuitive ceremonialist, meditation guide, Leave No Trace master educator and so much more. She created a transformational and powerful breathwork technique, Somatic Breath Activation that unlocks layers of your own truth and power. In her sacred circles, gatherings and retreats, she curates an environment for rewilding, embodiment and inner transformation. She joyfully works with individuals, couples and groups to increase mindfulness, strengthen relationships and integrate their own healing revelations and personal development. Chelsea acts as a catalyst for transformation and change throughout her global community.


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Adge has an ever-growing love for movement that tends to be contagious! Her intuitive movement practice brings creativity, joy and profound presence to the mat, the dance studio and beyond. She is a strong holder of space, coupling the deep wisdom of dance technique with intuitive energy work. The ancient teachings of yoga infiltrate all of her classes, as Adge’s approach relies on growing smart, life long, intuitive movers.

Adge is a master of leading creative projects that cultivate deep community connection and expression. All of this experience and her intuitive light joined forces to create The Intuitive Dance Method. This form allows energetic sequencing and authentic movement to guide our technique practices.


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Madeleine is a trauma informed somatic facilitator and space holder. She acts as a bridge for spirituality and science, weaving higher wisdom with new and ancient knowledge, tools and practices. She is passionate about creating a safe, compassionate and accepting environment where all aspects of you can be present and witnessed. She believes in the body’s natural intelligence and innate healing ability. Madeleine facilitates people in their *safe and nervous system friendly* journey home to themselves. She brings her grounding presence and practical knowledge to the container, creating space for all of you to be present and fully seen.


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My name is Ashley St.Clair, and I am a empowerment photographer and videographer.  My passion is for showing other women their true divine feminine, whether that be through branding or boudoir!

I started my journey through photography 6 years ago and as I have evolved and begun my spiritual journey, I have brought that into my work!

My overall goal for every session is to dig deep and help every woman feel more beautiful than ever before.  Rest assured, I will guide you through this whole process.


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Stay in one of the unique rooms
Selva Armonia has to offer.




*per person prices



Five-bedroom home with  2 living spaces, 2 shared bathrooms, and an ocean-view dining area.  

Each room can house 2 guests,  with 1 queen and 1 twin bed.  Features all-natural construction, ocean views, overhead fans, and in-room refrigerators.




*per person prices*


Each suite has been designed and decorated to reflect the perfect balance of sustainability and luxury. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush Costa Rican mountains.

Each Bungalow has AC, one king bed, one twin bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private ocean-view balcony.



*per person prices



The Bali rooms offer a modern design that blends perfectly with the immersive jungle haven of Selva Armonia.

Each Bali room offers two twin beds, ceiling fans, a private bathroom, and a full kitchen.




*per person prices


The Cabinas offer an intimate getaway space surrounded by jungle canopy and permaculture gardens. Their design is inspired by the region's traditional architecture, including hand-carved details and locally sourced materials.


Each Cabina is equipped with AC, one queen bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private garden view balcony.




*per person prices


Nestled at the top of the property, the two-story Deluxe Bali Villas offer a secluded haven. Enjoy the gentle sounds of nature from your private terrace while you gaze across the lush tropical jungles leading to the Pacific Ocean. 


Each two-story villa is equipped with AC, one king bed, two single beds, a private bathtub, a living room area, and a private

ocean-view balcony.


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Selva Armonia offers exquisite farm-to-table vegan cuisine as part of our daily offerings. 

Indulge in our one-of-a-kind meals for lunch or dinner while you visit us for a day, or stay for a night!


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Hidden deep in the mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica, Selva Armonía is an immersive jungle resort that provides a unique space for events, adventure, wellness, and sustainability.
Selva Armonia is a place to escape, a place to find yourself, a place to celebrate, a catalyst for inspiration. An eco-luxury experience woven into ocean view permaculture gardens.
Selva is here to provide an immersive jungle experience that inspires a connection to nature and community.

Cancellation Policies

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All package sales are final, and no refunds will be issued.

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