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Discover the Extraordinary Circus and Soul Wellness Retreat! Whether you are a frequent “flyer” or have never done aerial before, this retreat is for you!

Join us for an immersive fusion of circus arts, holistic wellness, and soulful exploration
amidst the lush splendor of Costa Rica's Selva Armonia Immersive Jungle Resort.
Surrounded by the vibrant rainforest, this enchanting sanctuary beckons you to reconnect
with nature, forge lasting connections with kindred spirits, and embark on a journey of self-
discovery like never before.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of the jungle as daily yoga sessions overlooking breathtaking scenery soothe your soul. At the same time, meditation under the canopy of ancient trees offers moments of blissful serenity. Step out of your comfort zone with aerial play, elevating your spirit while exploring the boundless horizons of creativity and joy. Guided by our expert facilitators, indulge in soul-stirring practices, body-nourishing classes, and mind-transforming activities. Unleash your inner strength and resilience through mindful practices, unveiling your hidden potential and awakening a profound sense of purpose. At the Circus & Soul Wellness Retreat, you'll forge unforgettable connections with like-minded souls bound by a shared passion for self-discovery and personal growth. Laughter, kindness, and shared experiences will weave an unbreakable tapestry of camaraderie, forming memories to cherish forever. As the retreat culminates, you'll emerge empowered, revitalized, and ready to embrace life with newfound courage and joy. The Circus & Soul Wellness Retreat at Selva Armonia will leave you with a radiant spirit, a heart brimming with gratitude, and a renewed zeal for living your best life. Don't let this extraordinary opportunity pass you by. Reserve your spot now and set forth on a soul-stirring journey, where the circus's magic entwines with nature's serenity, inspiring wonder, growth, and transformation at every turn!


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  • Room Category of your selection (Price differences per category; reserve early to get your desired room selection)

  • Transportation to and from San José airport on arrival and departure date.

  • Daily locally-sourced meal plan. Prepared fresh daily by on-site Selva chefs. Meals are completely vegan, with optional eggs available.

  • All-inclusive Smoothie and Elixir Bar 9 am – 9 pm. Perfect for that after-class refresher.

  • Half-day offsite Waterfall and Rainforest hiking Experience and tour.

  • One Private Lesson of your choice (Additional privates or semi-privates available for purchase).

  • One group class daily (3 Total).

  • Open fly times daily (Select apparatus available to train on without guided instruction).

  • One 30-min Reiki or one Coaching Session.

  • Daily Morning Yoga, Meditation, and Journal Practice (On the day of the waterfall experience, meditation practice will be done at the waterfall).

  • Daily Evening 30-min Unwind Your Mind Yoga and Meditation.

  • Glow Party.

  • Craft Night.

  • Optional Showcase Spectacular.

Teddy Fournier

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This retreat wouldn’t be complete without our co host Teddy. He has been attending retreats for years and has been waiting for the perfect time and opportunity to host his own. He has a passion for sharing his enthusiasm about life with others and can’t wait to bring that excitement to this retreat!

Teddy has almost two decades of professional teaching experience and has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of disciplines. He has been teaching and working professionally in the circus community for 8 years and has performed on stages around the world. For the past several years, Teddy has also dived deeper into his interest in health.


He recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness, is a certified yoga instructor, and a Reiki Master. He is looking forward to bringing this knowledge into the retreat and sharing it with everyone. With Cyndi by his side, Teddy is ready to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone on this retreat to share together, forever.

Cyndi Staudt

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Sharing the reins of this retreat is our co-host, Cyndi.

She is passionate about shaping and empowering lives physically, mentally, and spiritually, so she looks forward to pouring that passion into this retreat experience. With over 30 years of professional experience as a dynamic group fitness instructor and personal trainer, land and aerial yoga instructor, aerial arts teacher and performer, and life, mental health, and health and wellness coach, Cyndi brings a wealth of knowledge to share with participants. Her gentle guidance, compassionate spirit, and contagious energy create a sacred space for individuals to step into their full potential bravely. Cyndi is also a published author, releasing her book Princess in Progress in April of 2023, providing practical tips and heartfelt guidance for nurturing positive self-worth. Together with Teddy, Cyndi is eager to craft an
unforgettable experience for everyone who embarks on this retreat journey.


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Stay in one of the unique rooms
Selva Armonia has to offer.




*per person prices




*per person prices



Five-bedroom home with  2 living spaces, 2 shared bathrooms, and an ocean-view dining area.  

Each room can house 2 guests,  with 1 queen and 1 twin bed.  Features all-natural construction, ocean views, overhead fans, and in-room refrigerators.




*per person prices*


Each suite has been designed and decorated to reflect the perfect balance of sustainability and luxury. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush Costa Rican mountains.

Each Bungalow has AC, one king bed, one twin bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private ocean-view balcony.



*per person prices



The Deluxe Bali Suite offers a secluded haven at the top of the property. Enjoy the gentle sounds of nature from your private terrace while you gaze across the lush tropical jungles leading to the Pacific Ocean. 


Each suite is equipped with AC, one king bed, a private bathtub, and a private

ocean-view balcony.




*per person prices


The Cabinas offer an intimate getaway space surrounded by jungle canopy and permaculture gardens. Their design is inspired by the region's traditional architecture, including hand-carved details and locally sourced materials.


Each Cabina is equipped with AC, one queen bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private garden view balcony.



*per person prices



The Bali rooms offer a modern design that blends perfectly with the immersive jungle haven of Selva Armonia.

Each Bali room offers two twin beds, ceiling fans, a private bathroom, and a full kitchen.


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Selva Armonia offers exquisite farm-to-table vegan cuisine as part of our daily offerings. 

Indulge in our one-of-a-kind meals for lunch or dinner while you visit us for a day, or stay for a night!


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Hidden deep in the mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica, Selva Armonía is an immersive jungle resort that provides a unique space for events, adventure, wellness, and sustainability.
Selva Armonia is a place to escape, a place to find yourself, a place to celebrate, a catalyst for inspiration. An eco-luxury experience woven into ocean view permaculture gardens.
Selva is here to provide an immersive jungle experience that inspires a connection to nature and community.

Cancellation Policies

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Full refunds are given until November 10th, 2023.
50% refunds are given until January 10th, 2024.
After January 10th, 2024 purchases are non-refundable.

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