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Delicioso Plantain Ceviche Recipe

A Costa Rican Ceviche Recipe from the kitchen at Selva Armonia

Ceviche is mad popular in Costa Rica! It’s sold everyday in the streets and even on the beaches. It’s usually made with raw fish, but this recipe uses plantain, which is still a very common dish in Costa Rica. I suspect the Ticas on the beach make it better than I do, but it’s still a delicious dish to enjoy!

  1. 1 large plantain

  2. 1 large red onion

  3. 5 limes or limones mandarina (as they are known here. They’re a sort of cross between a lime, lemon and an orange).

  4. 1 large red chili pepper

  5. Around a quarter of a bunch of cilantro. Use the stalks, too, as they have loads of flavor.

  6. A good amount of salt & pepper to taste.

Dice the plantain into cubes, put it in hot water on the stove to boil for around eight minutes. While that’s cooking, dice the red onion, red pepper and chop the cilantro. Throw them in a bowl and squeeze the juice of 5 limes over them, add salt and pepper. Once the plantain is cooked, throw that into the bowl and stir, then leave it to marinade. A few hours of marinading is good, but overnight is better.

It’s delicious when served with rice and beans or yucca flat bread. Today I just ate it with a nice salad.

Buen Provecho!


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