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Pack your Bags, Leave your Baggage!

Going on a trip? How many bags? Just that big one over there…the emotional baggage? Let’s face it, we all have emotional issues.  The emotional issues we experience could stem as far back as childhood and even further back if you believe in past lives.  You carry some of your emotional burdens from lifetime to lifetime depending on whether or not you have healed them. Emotional issues can be from different forms of relationships in your life. Some are parent and child; some are siblings and friends; and many are from romantic relationships.

Many people have emotional triggers and usually what sets them off are other people in our lives. That then brings the emotional baggage directly up to the surface for it to safely stare you back in the face.  You will never be able to escape these issues until you confront them head on and begin to release them. And this, my friend, is where healing begins.

Releasing these emotions is quite healthy and oh so good for your body, mind and soul. Releasing can be done through crying, being creative, practicing yoga, meditation or anything else that truly gets you aligned with your Higher Self and the Universe. If these emotions are not released, they can root even further into you and begin to show themselves as illness, aches and pains and yes, even dis-ease.

Turning off the outside world and going within for personal reflection can be truly beneficial for your health. It can:

  1. – Release negative emotions

  2. – Release limiting beliefs (I am unworthy, I am undeserving)

  3. – Reduce negative self talk (monkey chatter)

  4. – Reduce overall stress

  5. – Allow you to be more mindful

  6. – Allow you to be more aware

  7. – Raise your vibration

Healing yourself and your emotional baggage is not an overnight process, though I truly wish it were.  It can take some time for you to truly feel better and to even get to the root (underlying) cause of what is making you feel the way you do.

You have the ability to do this on your own, hire a spiritual advisor/life coach, or even pack your bags and head on a soul-healing retreat for a few days to get the ball rolling. Healing takes time, so patience is a must.  Be kind to yourself during your healing process.

One thing you do need to remember is you cannot escape yourself. Wherever you go, your issues go too.

Where I go, there I am.

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