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Retreat Spotlight: Manifest Winter Wellness

As we wrap up the 3rd annual Manifest Winter Wellness Retreat this week at Selva Armonia, we wanted to share a little bit more about this retreat. We had a chance to sit down with Travis Steele Sisk, Pilates Instructor of Manifest Bodyworks & retreat Leader, and here’s what he had to say!

“Nothing is more revealing than movement” – Martha Graham

Photo provided by Travis Steele Sisk for Manifest Winter Wellness Retreat

Tell us more about why you choose Selva Armonia to host your Manifest Winter Wellness Retreats?

This will be my third time hosting my Manifest Winter Wellness Retreat at Selva Armonia. Hosting this retreat is my most looked forward to event each year! I love seeing new and pre-existing clients of mine relax, unwind, and strengthen their bodies as the week goes on. I love playing the role of “Cruise Director”, ensuring everyone is getting exactly what they want from their retreat, and what better place to do it than deep in the jungles at beautiful Selva Armonia? I love the seclusion of having the entire retreat center for our guests is one of the biggest draws of Selva Armonia. Having a peace of mind that all of Selva Armonia is completely eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable in every way! The gorgeous pool and gardens of the property only adds to beauty of this lodge… and THAT VIEW NEVER gets old!

What makes your retreat unique?

I really try to let each retreat guest tailor their time to as much physical activity or relaxation as they desire. Though all the classes are built into the retreat schedule, I let my guests know from day one that they should not feel obligated to attend every class or go on every waterfall excursion that is offered if they would rather take some quiet to themselves. This is very much their time off from their busy lives and they should feel free to choose how and when they want to relax during their time in Costa Rica.

Photo provided by Travis Steele Sisk for Manifest Winter Wellness Retreat

What are your hopes/goals for folks attending Manifest Winter Wellness for the first time?

I will let a previous attendee answer this one for me! “Travis designs a wonderful retreat of exercise classes, adventures, beach time, and excursions. We never felt over-scheduled or bored… How he managed that perfect balance still boggles my mind.”

How would you instruct your guests to prepare for this retreat?

I would strongly encourage retreat attendees to take at least three contemporary Pilates mat classes in the two weeks leading up to my retreat. As this will strengthen your body and familiarize you with Pilates exercises so that everything I will be teaching doesn’t seem so foreign.

Tell us a little bit more about your practice!

I first came to Pilates as a form of cross training while touring as a dancer and later developed a love for the practice while attending mat classes at The Kane School in NYC. I believe Pilates gives you a great foundation of strength, enabling your body to able to tackle any other sort of physical activity you choose to perform with ease; whether it be surfing, aerial silks, or trekking through the city with arms full of groceries. I have developed a desire and passion to share benefits of this practice to those who seek it out.

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