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Retreat to Costa Rica and Go With the Flow

It’s a practice to go with the flow. Letting go of attempting to control situations in our life isn’t always easy. How does one go about doing so? Honestly, it takes daily practice. But once you release the need to control the outcome of something and relax into it, you will be surprised how quickly it comes to you. Your mind, body and soul should work hand in hand to allow the flow to happen.

In any given situation between two people, we are both the teacher and the student. You’re in each other’s lives for a purpose and a time. We are put on this planet, in this lifetime, to learn lessons and for spiritual growth. Once you learn your lesson with a specific situation, a new opportunity may present itself to you and off you go leaving the old behind to continue fulfilling the lessons your soul needs to learn.

It’s never easy, though. As humans, we tend to live in the future and wonder, worry, think…that darn thinking! If we could only turn off the chatter (you actually can!). But how? There are a number of ways to attain this ranging from quieting the mind through meditation and yoga to going on walks in nature. Each of these three practices, if done on a daily or semi-daily basis, will help to nurture your soul so you can Be and live in the present moment (most of the time).

At times, we also tend to cling to situations by becoming attached to certain outcomes until it’s all we can see as we trudge forward with blinders on. This is fear based energy and trust me, you don’t want to be basking here.

Have ever had a discussion with someone where you were attempting to recall a movie title, but no matter how hard you concentrated and thought about it, the movie title just never came? Then, five hours later, as you’re brushing your teeth for bed, BOOM…the movie title encroaches upon your brain and you feel as if you’ve hit the jackpot. We’ve all been there. Why did it come so easily to you five hours later and not in the moment when you were trying so hard to remember it?

You relaxed. You were going with the flow. That is why.

Put this into perspective in dealing with your life situations. If you’re having trouble focusing on daily life activities, my suggestion to you would be to occupy your mind. Just stay busy. Take all of that energy and focus it on self-love through yoga, your career, your family, working out, writing, anything to do with creativity also works very well. Do activities and be around people that bring you joy and happiness. This is love based energy. And this is where you want to be.

Remember, if things are meant to be, they will be. Simply relax into it.

Do you have the desire to tap further into your flow? Come flow with us at Selva Armonia during a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica! There’s no better space to get back into your mindfulness practice than being surrounded by wild jungle with a stunning ocean view!


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