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Simple Ways to Go Inward and Trust Yourself

Learning to trust yourself can be quite the obstacle to overcome in life. Some people have no issues with this at all, but on the flip side, many struggle in making decisions and being at peace in knowing the right decision was made…sometimes teetering back and forth like a see-saw.

There are many outside influences that can have dramatic effects on how you feel before, during and after making a big life decision. The first thing to realize is that you matter.  What you want from your life matters too. Maybe it’s time to seriously assess where you are in your life, where you want to go, what responsibilities you currently are obligated to. Remember, you matter. And we cannot give to others fully unless we’ve taken care of ourself first. 

We have all been blessed by the Universe with an inner guidance system or as many refer to it, our gut instinct. Learning to develop and listen to this guidance can be a great gift we can bestow upon ourselves. Your inner guidance system is a direct link to a Higher knowing and once you begin to listen and trust it, it will never steer you wrong.

When you are faced with a big decision in your life, go inward and listen.  Meditation can assist with this greatly. And meditation isn’t something to be done only when you’re faced with a trying situation. Five to 10 minutes of daily meditation will not only help you trust your inner guidance and hear your inner voice, but it will also help your overall mind, body and spirit when the going gets tough.

Another fun thing you can do is to ask yourself questions out loud. For example, ‘Should I move across the country for this new job offer?’  You can actually feel it in your gut, the answer to your question. If you feel a HECK YES, then you know your answer and you can actually trust that.  If you feel a HECK NO, then again, you know your answer and maybe need to further assess your situation.

All in all, just knowing you can trust and believe within yourself is huge.  Not many people can fully state this or feel comfortable even thinking about it. Keep checking in with yourself, even on small decisions. Listen, discern and go conquer your dreams.

Pura Vida <3


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