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What does Self-Love look like?

Most of us were never taught the art of loving thyself. We are so focused on the quest to find ‘the one’ that we have missed the most important one of all…ourselves. In order for you to really get the love you want and deserve, you must start with loving yourself first. Self-love is simply the regard for your own well-being and happiness. No one has control over this but you. One thing we must remember is that it is okay to put yourself first for once. Remember this, you only have me, myself and I. This is a relationship we cannot escape from, so we’re continuously tested to learn the art of loving ourselves.

Loving yourself first is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. But what does loving yourself look like? It is and should be different for each and every person. Self-love comes in many forms ranging from treating yourself to a massage or a spa treatment for complete relaxation and releasing the negative energies and toxins to knowing your worth and not putting up with anyone’s mistreatment of you. By mistreatment, I mean any kind of abuse from mental and emotional to spiritual and physical. What is your worth and how important is it for you to recognize how important you are?

Did you know we actually teach someone in the first 6 months of any type of relationship how to treat us? If you don’t set healthy boundaries within those first 6 months, you might be entering a relationship that isn’t the healthiest for you. It can even become challenging to set your self-love boundaries in future relationships. Of course, don’t give up hope! If you find yourself heading down a path in a relationship that may be negative, simply sit with yourself, get centered and make a decision that is for your Highest Good and best interest.

When you love yourself first, you are setting a precedence for many positive relationships, situations and opportunities to come into your life. You may not realize it at first, but it will happen. Keep your self-love practice rolling each and every day. Remember to give love to your mind, body, and soul each day. This can be as simple as walking alone in nature to get grounded, giving yourself 15-minutes a day journaling and meditating, or a big gesture such as booking that yoga retreat for yourself that you’ve had your eye on! Nothing is more sacred than the love you give yourself. <3

So try it.  Be self-LESS and practice some self-LOVE. 


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